Hi! Nice to meet you. 

I'm Reagan, a filmmaker, photographer, and lover of all things creative currently based in Vancouver.  Since recently completing my bachelor of arts degree at Capilano University I am excited to take on new projects! Creating art in many forms is what I strive to do, whether that be a documentary or photos for your new website, I'm up for the job! Having lived in numerous locations has greatly influenced my artistic style by allowing an influence of unique combinations of techniques and practices. Growing up in rural Manitoba taught me how to do a lot with a little and is where I first discovered my love for visual arts. Moving to Vancouver to attend film school is where I have spent the last four years honing my skills and building strong connections. During these four years I spent a semester abroad in Denmark is where I found my voice of focusing on real-world issues in an artistic and abstract way which is what I plan to continue in the future with the release of my short film JORDEN that focuses on the impact fast fashion has on the environment.

Enough about me though! I would love to hear what I can do for you so please do not hesitate to get in touch. Questions and inquiries are always welcome!

I capture moments and bring visions

to life.

Services & skills

Although photo and video are my primary services I have also dabbled in writing and exhibition design which I aim to do much more of and am always looking to expand into new creative mediums.